Join me for the High Holy Days. This year we will meet again face-to-face, panim el panim. This phrase originates in Torah and is used to describe both Jacob’s experience of seeing God’s face in Genesis and Moses’ later encounters with God in Numbers and Deuteronomy. While the modern Hebrew panim el panim means “face-to-face” with no mask, no social distance, distanced less than 6 feet apart the essence of panim el panim suggests a deep encounter, when people come together to discover shared meaning, to feel a sense of awe and to bring holiness into the world around them.

What to expect from Rabbi Stacy High Holy Days:

  • A prayer book to assist with participation
  • Live music that intermingles traditional and innovative melodies
  • Focused services (shorter duration)
  • Communal interaction following the CDC’s COVID guidelines regarding masks and social distancing.

To attend Rosh Hashanah Morning Worship, Kol Nidre Worship, Yom Kippur Morning Worship, and Yizkor purchase your tickets here. Service times are listed below. Note, seating is limited.

Additional donations to support our independent community are welcome. I look forward to seeing you in-person again!

Register for services below: